Monday, December 24, 2007

The Christmas Bird Count

Northern Cardinal Courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife (Harvey Doerksen)

I couldn't resist using the Northern Cardinal for this post. They make me think of winter and Christmas. (And you can find a few in Whittier Narrows if you look sharp. That's not far from Orange County.) Besides meditating on God's gift and the gifts we give each other, Christmastime is also time for an annual birding event called the Christmas Bird Count or CBC for short. It was started in 1900 by ornithologist Frank Chapman, an Audubon member to serve as an alternative to the Christmas tradition of hunting birds during the holiday season. See the National Audubon link on the History of the CBC for more information. Birders count the birds they see on several days near Christmas. You can participate. Just check out the links below and add another holiday tradition to your holiday fun and help the birds at the same time by participating in this annual winter census.


10, 000 Birds Blog on the Christmas Bird Count

Good blog on the CBC. See the blog about Mike's own CBC experience.

Audubon: Christmas Bird Count

The official Christmas Bird Count section of the National Audubon Website.

Daily Pilot Article on the CBC 2007 by Kelly Strodl

Local Orange County newspaper article about the CBC.

Nature Alley: Christmas Bird Count Pages

Good pages with local totals.

Sea and Sage Audubon: Christmas Bird Count

Our own Sea and Sage Audubon page on the CBC and how to go about it.

USGS Christmas Bird Count Pages

Good summary and details.

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