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Orange County Bird Checklists

Brown Pelican

I think it is helpful to have checklists of birds that might be in the area. I am not sure why more Orange County Regional Parks and wildlife areas don't publish their lists online, but I will continue to update this list as I find checklists for birding locations.

Cooper's Hawk, immature.

Links to Orange County Bird Checklists

Great site.

Bird checklist for Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve--one of the major birding hotspots of Orange County. Wetlands.

Cleveland National Forest Bird List

Cleveland National Forest is located in Orange County and San Diego Counties. The most southern of California's National Forests, it covers 460,000 acres.

Crystal Cove Pictorial Bird List

Although not complete, it does list numerous pictures of the birds found in Crystal Cove which includes both beach and back country areas.

Huntington Beach has numerous parks and wildlife areas including Huntington Central Park, Bolsa Chica, Carr Park, and numerous beaches.

Los Cerritos Wetlands Bird Checklist (Seal Beach/Long Beach)

Wetlands and surrounding areas.  El Dorado Audubon Society bird checklist.

The Sanctuary is run by Sea and Sage Audubon and the Irvine Ranch Water District.

Run by the US Navy. Restricted access.

Nature Center in Huntington Central Park.

Audubon ranch.

Estuary and wetlands.

Black Phoebe

Checklists of Nearby Counties

Los Angeles

San Fernando Valley Audubon's checklists for local birding areas.

This chapter has several checklists for birding areas in the San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles Audubon Society Field List of the Birds of Los Angeles County 

El Dorado Nature Center (Long Beach)  Check List

USGS Bird Checklist for Los Angeles County Drainage Area and Prado Dam

Bird List for Ernest E. Debs Park

Ernest E. Debs Park in Los Angeles

Bird Checklists and Guides from the Pasadena Audubon Society 

Birds of the Arroyo Seco


Lower Arroyo Seco Bird List from Pasadena Audubon

Bird List of Eaton Canyon

Located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in LA County.

Bird Checklist of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Los Angeles County area managed by the National Park Service.

Mt. Wilson Birds from Mike Bradford on The Pasadena Audubon Site

San Bernardino County

Bird Checklist from USGS for Joshua Tree National Park

Birding with some bird species listed from the National Park Service for Joshua Tree National Park 

Bird Checklist from Big Morongo Preserve and Adjacent Covington Park

Glen Helen Park in San Bernardino Bird Check List

San Bernardino Audubon Pictorial Check List

San Jacinto Wildlife Area Check List

San Diego County

San Diego Field Ornithologists--Bird Species of San Diego County 

Buena Vista Audubon Society--Birds of San Diego County Checklist

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County Birding--Complete Santa Barbara County Bird Checklist

Ventura County

Birds of Ventura County

Channel Islands National Park Bird Species List

In Ventura County.

Kern County

Birds of Kern County, California: A photo checklist

 A pictorial checklist of Kern County birds.

Audubon California--Kern River Valley Bird Checklist-Birds of the Kern River Watershed

State Link

California Bird List Western Field Ornithologists' California Bird Records Committee

Official bird checklist of the Western Field Ornithologists.

USGS Bird Checklist of California

Checklists for National Wildlife Refuges and other wildlife areas in California.
Avibase: Bird Checklist of California

Compiled from several sources.

National Link

ABA Bird Checklist for the United States

USGS Bird Checklists for the United States
Bird Checklists for National Wildlife Refuges and other wildlife areas.

Great Blue Heron

OC Birder Girl Links

Birding Hot Spots in Orange County, California

Birding Code of Ethics from American Birding Association

Beginning Birders in Orange County


Bird Walks and Nature Programs in Orange County


Book Review: Good Birders Don't Wear White

Parts of a Bird

The Christmas Bird Count

Bird Guide Reviews

Central Park after the Rain

Wood Duck or Mandarin Duck?

What Birds Eat--Terrestrial Invertebrates

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm so glad to have just found you! I have been hearing the most beautiful song in the mornings. Not now, but in the spring and summer. I run outside every time I hear it and I think it's coming from a gray, sparrow sized bird (maybe a little taller and slimmer looking) with a light pink chest/stomach. I'm not a birder but would like to become one so please forgive my lack of knowledge. Is this a warbler? I can't find "him" on lists that have photos of OC birds, but I think he just passes through for a season. I live in Fountain Valley near the Santa Ana river and my house is surrounded by lots of trees, but he seemed to be nesting or hanging out between a tree and someone's upstairs balcony. His song is like water running over a small waterfall - warbly, if there is such a term. Does anyone know what bird this might be? It's driving me nuts. I'm an owl biologist but don't know much about identifying songbirds - a serious deficit that I wish to correct! Thank you so much for your time!

Orange County Birder Girl said...

The bird that comes to mind is a House Finch. Remember, that birds vary in plumage due to age, gender, season, and even diet. It could have been a young male. Check out my post on House Finches and Cornell's Lab of Ornithology site All About Birds. Both include the song. All About Birds also has a page on finches that includes pictures and songs of several species Even though the House Finch is a resident bird, it tends to sing mostly in spring and summer. Every once in a rare while, I hear one sing a bit out of season. Check out the All About Birds page and let us know what you think.