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Parts of a Bird

Parts of a Bird (Original Image by IMSI used by permission.)

Being able to identify a bird in the field begins with knowing the parts of a bird. Above is a very simple example I created by labeling an image. You will find the parts of a bird, or bird topography in the front of most bird field guides. The additional links below should be of assistance as well. Practice until you know them well. Then you can begin to note the shape, color and plumage in relation to the part of the bird. It will help you not only identify a bird, but discuss it with other birders.

External Links and Resources

All About Birds from Cornell University: Bird Topography

Parts of a bird.


Bird Identification
From, a page on how to identify birds and parts of a bird labeled.
Bird Morphology I from the Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary


Bird Morphology II from the Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary

Great resource shows pictures and great details what the parts of a bird are called with lots and lots of illustrations. It is the Visual Dictionary after all. Check out the main article on birds for more detailed information on shapes of bills, wings, feet, and bird anatomy. Plus it has pronunciation icons for the terms so you can click on them and hear how to pronounce all the bird morphology terms. I lived in the San Fernando Valley for years, so I have to say it: "Awesome!"

Topography of a Duck

Listing of parts of a duck.

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