Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Early Morning Walk at San Joaquin Wildlife Sancturay

Sunrise over a pond.

Got up early and went for a walk at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary . Didn't see the Bobcat, but did see some beautiful sights and some beautiful birds.

Baby American Avocet chick walking on its long legs. Very independent.

I love how the light makes everything look so dramatic.

Black-necked Stilts aplenty in the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary most days.

Love the way you can see Green Herons and Black-crowned Night Herons in the reeds. Love seeing a Great Blue Heron walking down the path.

Spotted Towhee.

This Spotted Towhee sang his heart out until some bikers pulled up on the road on the other side of the bushes to have a long conversation.

Lots of nesting material.

Swallows swooped and flew low over the water. Love the way they swoop past me as I walk down the path.

Wild Rose in the marsh.

Something so restful and refreshing about walking early out in nature. Seeing the sun rise over the building and the trees. Nothing like it.

The bunny brigade was out in force.

I love to see the rabbits bathed in the golden rays of the rising sun nibble their way around a pond.


Mommy and Baby American Avocet in the morning light.

Black-necked Stilt chick.

Two Swallows perched for a moment before flying off over the ponds to catch more flying insects.

American White Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants, American Avocet, and Black Skimmers .

You never know what you will find when you go out birding early in the morning, but it is always good. Just the air and the stillness make it good. Don't forget to get up early and go birding. Get out and go birding early in Orange County! The early birder spots the coolest birds.

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