Thursday, January 15, 2009

White-crowned Sparrows at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Near the Butterfly Garden

I went birding on Sunday at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County. I saw White-crowned Sparrows foraging on the ground near the Butterfly Garden and also near the ponds. As I took video and pictures of the swirling group of Northern Shovelers (Northern Shovelers Feeding Cooperatively), I also took pictures of the White-crowned Sparrows on the ground in front of me. I was still for so long, they got quite bold.

In the shadows near the Butterfly Garden

By the Ponds

Near the Ponds, getting closer.

Don't seem to notice me most of the time.

The White-crowned Sparrows near the ponds were quite oblivious and seemed to know I was harmless. Could it be they have learned that people are usually looking at the birds in the ponds? Or perhaps people with cameras are harmless? For whatever reason, they came very close and seemed to have no fear of me whatsoever.

White-crowned Sparrow Feeding on the Ground from OC Birder Girl on Vimeo.

I always like White-crowned Sparrows. Love their song. White Sparrows are everywhere now. Local parks, wildlife areas, wetlands. They come here in the Fall and Winter. Enjoy them. These little birds are not always here in Orange County.

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