Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mallards Nesting in Parking Lots

Male Mallard


".....My boyfriend noticed a male duck wandering in the parking lot who looked distressed. He also noticed a female duck (a mallard perhaps?) nesting in a nearby median. Both ducks are away from traffic, but in the parking lot [which has a lot of businesses]....I don't know what to do. Who can I call to help? Can you help?"

Female Mallard
Whenever you are concerned with what to do with a bird who is in danger or hurt, you should call a wildlife rescue organization and sometimes animal control. In both LA and Orange Counties, animal control will take birds to a rescue location that might include vets who specialize in helping wildlife. Here are the rescue organizations in Orange County:

Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach 714.374.5587

This one is the closest to the duck you mentioned.

Others are:

Pacific Wildlife Project

And for anyone who finds a hawk, owl, or eagle:

Just to ease your mind. Ducks and Mallards in particular do this all the time. Usually there is a lake or pond nearby. Many parking lots have Mallards nesting around this time of year as do neighborhoods and they often make the dangerous journey back to the lake on foot with the ducklings. Scary for them and us, but part of the life of a Mallard. The area you mention is actually not that far from a park with a lake which is probably why the Mallards chose this spot.
Good Luck.

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