Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lake Gregory in the distance.

I went up to Crestline which is a community surrounding man-made Lake Gregory out in San Bernardino County not far from Lake Arrowhead. The woods are full of pine, oak, cedar, American dogwood, and lilacs. It is full of wildlife. You can see bears, mountain lions, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, and coyotes in addition to birds.

Sun-dappled path in around Lake Gregory.

The path around Lake Gregory was a beautiful walk with the sun peaking through the woods. The woods were also full of wild flowers.

Raucous Steller's Jays are just about everywhere. This one in a cedar tree.

The loud, harsh sound of Steller's Jays filled the air. They were everywhere. Hopping from branch to branch in the trees to foraging on the ground.

Mountain Chickadee.

Little Mountain Chickadees hopped quickly from branch to branch. Hanging from the branches to feed.

Acorn Woodpecker in a pine tree. Lots of oaks in the woods.

There are lots of oaks in the woods here so there are lots of Acorn Woodpeckers who eat acorns from the oak trees. I didn't see a granary tree which can have thousands of holes stuffed with acorns, but if there are Acorn Woodpeckers, there are granary trees somewhere nearby.

American Robin overhead in a pine tree.

American Robins kept a low profile in the trees, dropping down on occasion to feed.

A cooperative American Robin hops up on a stump for better lighting.

One cooperative American Robin hopped along the road and then up onto a nice, sunny stump in front of a cabin for a photo op.

The woods were filled with American Dogwoods.

The dogwood and lilacs filled the woods with blossoms.

Beautiful place for a walk--but look out for the resident mountain lions, coyotes, and bears!

Even though is was Spring, some trees looked like fall.

Steller's Jay watching from a cedar.

It isn 't woods without Steller's Jays in California--or so it seems.

Stellar's Jay up on the roof top.


There is something quiet and peaceful in the woods. Even with the noisy jays.

A Mountain Chickadee touches down to check things out.

We checked out the feeders at the cabin. Lots of Mountain Chickadees sorting through the birdseed for its favorite sunflower seeds.

Mountain Chickadee eating its prize--a sunflower seed.

The trees were full of birds checking out the area, wondering if it was safe to touch down and feed.

Black-headed Grosbeaks were singing in the trees and checking out the feeding station.


And closer.

At last convinced the coast is clear, he drops down to feed at the seed from a pie tin.

Steller's Jay chows down.

Two female hummers size each other up and end up sharing the feeder.

Mountain Chickadee.

After throwing copious amounts of "not-my-favorite" seeds on the ground, the Mountain Chickadee still is pulling out the sunflowers and taking them up into the trees to eat.

Spotted Sandpiper.

Back to the lake for one last walk. We see lots of gulls and a Spotted Sandpiper. All in all, a nice weekend at Crestline in the San Bernardino mountains.

Birds I have seen in Crestline

Mountain Chickadees
Northern Flickers
Black-headed Grosbeaks
Steller's Jays
American Crows
Spotted Sandpiper
House Sparrows
European Starlings
Brewer's Blackbird

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