Monday, October 13, 2008

The Santa Ana Winds

Channel 8 Weather man gives brief explanation of Santa Ana Winds

With the Santa Ana winds picking up, I thought I would check out some facts behind the winds.

Brief Explanation from the Weather Channel

If you live in Southern California--especially the Los Angeles, Orange, or Riverside counties, you have experienced the Santa Ana Winds.

The Weather Channel describes Santa Ana Winds this way:

The hot, dry winds, generally from the east, that funnel through the Santa Ana river valley south of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains in southern California, including the Los Angeles basin...."

Next time you feel those hot, dry winds you might remember more about it. Remember, too, that the Santa Anas often bring some interesting birding our way. Bird in all weather as long as it is safe, and you will find some interesting and even rare birds. Have fun birding in Orange County in all kinds of weather!

External Links and Resources

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